God Squad the Movie

God Squad Movie on TV

"A hilarious and campy send-up of 70s cop shows with a
strange, pseudo-reverent twist." - BACKSEAT FILM FEST

Written & Directed by J. F. Kinyon

Produced by David Garonzik & Hani Selim

Starring: Christopher May, Marc Ewing, Tricia Cruz & Al Israel. Also Starring: Roger Shaide, Patty Whisenhunt, Elizabeth Erikson, Cameron Alexander & Julie Strain (as herself)

SYNOPSIS: Our heroes Brad and James are caught in a battle of wills with Sarah, the daughter of a High Priest of Satan - her father Adrian is the most powerful man in the Western Hemisphere: controlling the True Church of Satan and every major movie studio in Hollywood! When bodies show up completely drained of blood and pets begin disappearing in God-fearing neighborhoods, the GOD SQUAD! knows it's time to PRAY!

Premiered at the Academy Award accredited Los Angeles International Short Film Festival in 2002. Selected entry at Miami International Film Festival, TromaDance 2003, Backseat Film Fest, Fucking Fantastic Film Fest, and won best comedy at the North Hollywood Film Festival 2004. Private screenings held at Miramax Studios in Hollywood and The Pioneer in NYC.

This film had more than 1 million views on UndergroundFilm.com before Satan took down the website (for good).

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